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Welcome to Be Free.

Graeme Pyper is the founder of Be Free.
Be Free is an organisation whose mission is to take people beyond what they thought possible and in the process free them from what inhibits them.

Graeme Pyper has had an ardent interest in extreme human potential and the relationship between mind and body for many years. His enthusiasm for this subject motivated him to study Eastern Energy work. 
He is now experienced and accomplished in a wide range of ancient techniques which were virtually unknown in the Western world. He combines these Eastern Techniques with Western psychological approaches.

Graeme has a deep understanding of human nature and behaviour which he has developed over the past 30 years with his successful one to one work.

Graeme has also developed a unique process using the Glass Walk and other Extreme Potential Techniques to help people release their inner power while at the same time achieving inner balance.

A previous champion bodybuilder himself, Graeme has also coached athletes and martial artists to championship levels.

Graeme believes in the importance of proving his teachings and regularly appears at public and corporate events demonstrating the Power of Focus. He is one of the only trainers in the U.K. to perform using the Arrow Break and the Nail Bed Experiences.

Graeme Pyper - Aberdeen - Scotland

Cognitive Restructuring Trainer/ Consultant
Member Association of Stress Consultants
American Board of Hypnotists and N.L.P Practitioners  -  Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor / Registered NLP Practitioner
Usui Reiki Practitioner
Sundoor Certified Master Fire Walk Instructor / Instructor Trainer / Corporate Instructor


Be Free delivers high impact, motivational experiences to the public and the corporate world.

Among the power tools used by Be Free are -
 The Fire Walking Experience and  The Glass Walking Experience.

Be Free is respected as the foremost Glass Walking training organisation in the world.

Cognative Re Structuring



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