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Meeting Graeme Pyper of Be Free

A woman approaches the Be Free stall and, in a very fragile way, asks if there is any help for her situation. Graeme steps round from the table and stands in front of her. He smiles and replies, “Only if you want your situation to change.” “I wish it was that easy!” she replies.
He reaches out, grips her shoulder reassuringly, laughs and says, “It is.”
Graeme starts a dialogue which, although at first puts an angry look on the woman’s face, then moves her to tears. Graeme keeps the conversation flowing, ignoring everyone else around them. We then hear the familiar question, which lets the Be Free team know he is testing to see if the process he has gone through with her, has helped her. “What did you have for your breakfast?” he asks. Everything stops for a moment, her tears, his dialogue, then they both start laughing. She hugs him, repeating, “Thank you, Thank you.” He responds with, “You really should have breakfast!”
What did he say to her? He won’t say...she can’t remember. But what we do know is that she walks away with a very different demeanour.
We see her later on having a coffee and appearing to be in deep contemplation. As Graeme walks passed her on his way for fresh air, he squeezes her shoulder. In an instance she is sitting upright, smiling and looking like a new person.
Graeme continues out for fresh air. She walks off towards a jewellery stall and looks at glittering things.
Real magic can happen at the experiences Be Free run. If Graeme can move people when they visit the stall at a busy fair just imagine what he can do with the energy of a focused audience.

“I was told of a journey and shown a path, but the steps I had to make for myself.”

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